Your Perspective is Not YOU

‘Perspective’ is an interesting word, especially when we look at its origin.

By tracing its roots, we can gain great insight into what this word represents.

The medieval Latin perspectiva refers to ‘the science of optics’ from perspect- ‘looked at closely’ and from per- ‘through’ + specere ‘to look’.

Optics comes from the root optos ‘seen’.

So, here, the science of optics is the science of “what is seen”.

Please note that there is a big difference between what there is to be seen and what is actually seen by you.

By considering these original definitions, to “look through” something and “look at closely” and “the science of optics”, it is easy for us to have the image of a LENS pop into our minds.

An optician is a person who grinds glass into a lens for other people to use so they can see clearly. Opticians make glasses for people – a pair of lenses to look through so they can look at things closely in focus.

From this, we can see that a “Perspective” is really a lens that we look through in order to gain focus upon something.

When you look through a lens, certain things come into focus while everything else is blurry. People have a tendency to believe that which is in focus for them.

That which is in most focus for you is clearest to you and seems the most true to you. A person’s perspective then, determines what will be true for them.

Many people look through their lens at the world but rarely look AT the lens they are looking through.

To look AT your lens is to question the extent of the Truth of what is in focus for you.

To look AT your lens is to acknowledge that there are other lenses that also exist which bring different things into focus.

To look AT your lens is to acknowledge that there is so much more to the Truth than you have been accessing with your lens.

To look AT your lens is to be curious about what else could be True.

To look AT your lens is how you begin to transcend your problems.

Your ‘Perspective’, then, is truly made up of all the lenses you’ve managed to collect up until now and is what keeps certain things in focus for you and everything else blurry or simply unseen.

‘Perspectives’ are the tools we use to perceive our world. Without them, we have no vantage point, we have no place to stand.

A ‘perspective’ is the point from which we view the greater reality and create our own limited version of it. It is limited because the the view-point can only see so much.

In order to see more, we must change our viewpoints. The more often we do, the more we become aware of.

The more we become aware of and clear on, the greater our ability to create results in Reality. We can be more effective because we have more to work with.

People who stay in one perspective for too long limit their ability to connect with others and become inflexible. This inflexibility will eventually break them. Everything is always changing. Hanging on to one limited perspective requires more and more energy as more things change. The presence of stress increases and eventually the body is sapped of its energy, aging accelerates, and the person’s body breaks down – moving toward death.

This is the natural result of “identifying” with your perspective. When you think you ARE your point of view, the world around you becomes increasingly threatening to your survival because its changing constantly and your perspective shall eventually no longer be relevant.

Once obsolete, your perspective no longer exists in reality and, if you believe you are your perspective, you die – you cease to exist in this reality.

YOU are not your point-of-view.

YOU are not the lens you look through to see the world.

YOU are the Looker; the Observer; the Viewer.

Remind yourself of this consistently, especially in moments of stress.

Here you will find Peace.

© 2014 Trent Janisch –

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