YOU Matter

    I often say, “There is no such thing as an insignificant act.”  

Everything matters. Everything you think. Everything you feel. Everything you do. It all makes a difference to the way history unfolds and to the way the Universe evolves. There really is no such thing as an insignificant act.

We live in a Universe of absolute precision. Our physical Universe is one of Cause and Effect. Everything happening in this moment is supported and held in place by what happened in the last moment. The last moment is held in place by what happened the moment before, and so on …all the way back to the theoretical Big Bang where it all began.

While that all makes sense looking back, your power lies in the present moment looking forward. Everything you do right now supports what follows for the rest of history. It becomes locked in time and serves as part of the structure that makes every forthcoming moment what it is.


One interesting statistic I came across in a Ted Talk I saw given by Mel Robbins has to do with the chances of you even being born. According to Robbins, certain statisticians and mathematicians got together and figured out the odds of any one person coming into being. The odds of you being born are 400 Trillion to 1!

That’s 400,000,000,000,000 to 1.

Can you even fathom that?

Let me put this into perspective. There is a lottery in Canada called 6/49. You have to match all 6 out of a potential 49 numbers to win the Jackpot which is usually never less than a couple million dollars. The odds of winning this Jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816 (almost 14 Million). When I divide 400 Trillion by 14 million I get about 28.5 million.

This means that the chances of YOU even being born is equivalent to winning the 6/49 jackpot over 28 million times.

This certainly gives new meaning to the old saying “You’re lucky to be alive.”


My wife and I have an 11-year-old daughter. The fact that she exists depends immediately upon my wife and I having met, liking each other, having the desire to pursue a relationship, overcoming our disputes, committing to staying together, the desire to have a child, and the physical ability to produce one.

However, let’s take a step or two backward. My wife and I met through a mutual friend. I met this friend because of my interest in performing live music (inspired by my brother) and from having moved to a new city from my hometown in another part of the country. I wouldn’t have moved away if I wasn’t in a relationship with a former girlfriend whom I would have never met if one of my buddies from high school didn’t date her friend first. The fact that I even went to that high school is a bit of a miracle …and on it goes.

If we keep going back in time and seeing all the things that had to be in place for any event to even happen, the odds of YOU being born move from 1 in 400 Trillion to literally Astronomical!

See for yourself:

Check out this info-graphic based on an article written by Ali Binazir.

ODDS - 725px

As you can see you are a living miracle. Statistically, you shouldn’t exist …and yet you do! That is a significant point for you to seriously ponder. Take some time and think about that. This same statistic is true for every one of the 7 Billion people in this world. Each one of us is a living miracle.

My Main Point

YOU are significant. Everything you do and don’t do makes a difference to how things happen next. Your power to affect history lies within the choices you make.

When you smile at someone, you change their path.

When you thank someone you change their path.

Their new path changes other people’s path… which changes other people’s path and on and on around the world. This is the “Butterfly Effect” of your existence.

Because of this, there is no such thing as an insignificant act.

You matter. The world is what it is today because YOU were born and it will be what it is tomorrow in part because of what you do next.

This is the Power You Are.

Being conscious of your impact and the choices you make is the act of taking control of the power YOU are to help shape history.

You help create the world we live in. Are you helping to build the world you want?

You are the living embodiment of the miracle of Life.

You are power, use yourself wisely and reap the rewards.

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