Word Power: Stop “Trying” and You’ll End the Struggle

 Have you ever used the word “try” or “trying” in describing your situation?

As an example, you might have said something like, “I’m trying to figure this out” or “Help me try to find my keys”.

There’s nothing really wrong with that, is there? …or is there?

If your intention is to be empowered and effective at creating results in your life, then this word sucks.

Literally. It sucks the power out of you.



The deceiving thing about the word “try” (and “trying”), is that it seems harmless…. on the outside. But once it gets inside your mind, that’s when the trouble starts.

It’s like a Trojan Horse. It looks nice, but when you take it into your kingdom, the hidden enemy inside comes out to destroy you.

When you use the word “trying/try”, you are referring to effort.

Certainly there’s nothing wrong with making an effort, is there? It seems okay so far.

Unfortunately, the Hidden Enemy inside this word is the feeling of doubt.

Effort + Doubt = Struggle.



If your effort is filled with doubt, it can’t succeed because doubt raises fear and fear is the force that stops you from moving forward.

It’s like stepping on the gas pedal and the brake pedal of a car at the same time and expecting to get somewhere.

All you get is tired and what you were hoping to achieve is still out of reach.



Let’s demonstrate this and you can experience this for yourself.

If you pay close attention as you do it, you’ll actually FEEL the difference in your body…

Read the following 2 statements out loud one at a time.

After reading the first statement, pause, close your eyes and notice how you feel.

Notice any images that might pop into your mind.

Then open your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat this process for the second statement.

Then compare the two. Ready?

Statement #1: “I am trying to tie my shoe.”  (pause, close eyes, and notice)

Open your eyes, take a deep breath to clear the feeling. Read the next statement…

Statement #2: “I am tying my shoe.” (pause, close eyes, and notice)

So what happened for you?

In my case, with the first statement, I felt doubtful and the image that popped into my mind was of dealing with a big knot in my shoelace and then feeling frustrated. But with the second statement, I felt confident, relaxed, and the adjoining image was of a completely tied shoe. Success!



NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a psychological science that studies how we communicate with ourselves internally and how that affects our physical body and our ability to achieve anything. What you just experienced in the demo above was an example of this.

So what does this prove? It proves that this little word “try/trying” can have a real limiting effect on your mind and body.

It literally affects your physiology and limits your capability.



Quantum Science has the viewpoint that all things are made of energy.

This view is very liberating because it ‘levels the playing field’ and puts everything in the Universe into the same category.

A tree, a car, the rain, a thought, a feeling, an idea, and a word are all just forms of energy.

So when we use words, we’re using actual forms of energy.

This means that a word – as energy – has a lot more power than most of us might think.

Once you comprehend the meaning of a word, you integrate its energy into your body.

This energy then either boosts your natural flow of energy or resists it.

In other words, it makes you either stronger or weaker.



Applied Kinesiology is a practice often called ‘muscle testing’ that is used to test how physical objects and ideas affect the physical strength of the human body. Dr. David R Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and pioneer in the field of consciousness research, contributed much to the validity of this testing method and wrote in part about its phenomenal application in his bestselling book Power Vs Force.

The main premise used to understand how this process can work is knowing that all things are fundamentally fields of energy which interact, entangle, and affect each other. When holding an object near your heart or an idea in your mind, someone presses down upon your outstretched arm testing the level of your strength to resist. If the object or idea is a form of energy that is coherent with your field, it will strengthen your ability to resist. If it is incoherent, it will weaken you.

You can test this for yourself using the 2 statements from the demonstration above. If you are unfamiliar with the proper way to perform a muscle test, please search youtube for a proper demonstration and then continue. Have a friend test your resistance as you say, “I am trying to tie my shoe” and then again for “I am tying my shoe” and see the results for yourself. Later I will give you some phrases to replace the word “try/trying” and you can test them as well. You are to be the authority on what works for you.

In the end, this is just one more weight on the scale revealing the power that your words have over your life experience.



The therapeutic practice of Hypnosis has documented many remarkable and sometimes miraculous changes in people’s physical bodies and personal abilities.

Keep in mind that Hypnotherapists’ only tools are the words they use.

It’s important to note then, how you speak to yourself (the way you think inside) is the practice of Hypnosis.

The words “try” and “trying” have failure built into them and weaken you. They steal your confidence and make achieving what you want much more of a struggle.

If you have a habit of using the word “try/trying” often, then you have a habit of putting in a lot more unnecessary effort and struggle into those areas of your life.

So what can you do? You can eliminate these words from your vocabulary by replacing them with more empowering words that will keep your confidence intact and reduce any potential future struggle.



Okay, I’ll keep this short and sweet by giving you examples of what to do:


1) “I am trying to get my work done” …becomes

“I am in the process of getting my work done.”


2)  “I am trying to understand what your saying.” …becomes

“I am looking to understand what you’re saying.”


3) “I am trying to get into College.” …becomes

“I am working towards getting into College.”


4) “Try to understand” …becomes

See if you can understand”  or “Do your best to understand”


5) “I’m going to try and finish this report” …becomes

I intend to finish this report.”


NOTE: Whenever you are “going to” do something, you are stating an intention. An intention is fuelled by determination and commitment. ‘Trying’ has no determination or commitment. It has a similar energy to ‘maybe’ and ‘I don’t know’, neither of which actually create any desired results.



The word “trying” is a Trojan Horse that is filled with the enemy of doubt. It’s designed to keep you from achieving what you want. Don’t let this word back into your mouth or mind or you will be hypnotizing yourself to fail. Replace it with more empowering words and you will FEEL the difference. This feeling will lead to stronger ideas, actions, and better results. I promise. Just do it. Start now.

May you find this practice valuable.

As you use this process and feel the difference, you might notice a desire to share your experience.

Thank you.

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