What Makes a Relationship Great

What can you do to make sure your relationship keeps growing and doesn’t start to fall apart?

The answer, at its root, is simple.

Relationships, in general, begin to decay when you pay far more attention to how others affect you than to how you are affecting them. In other words, things begin to fall apart when you pay more attention to what you’re getting (or not getting) than to what you are giving.

This way of thinking robs you of your power to create change. When you only pay attention to what others are “doing to you”, you fail to see what you are “doing to them” and, in your mind, you’re the victim.

If you want your relationship to improve, focus upon the your partner’s needs first and help them meet those needs. When you do, you become a person they want to keep around. And the best way for them to keep you around is to help you meet your needs. This is real friendship.

When our needs are being met, we are happy.

One of my mentors, Anthony Robbins, does a great job of explaining this in the video below.

Check it out.

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