Declutter your mind.

Learn to say, “No thank you” and you will simplify your life.

You will also reduce your stress and enjoy having more time for what you love.

Where I live, we have orchards and vineyards. The caretakers of these fruit trees and vines understand the art, science, and tremendous value of PRUNING.

When you prune a tree or vine, you cut off a few branches and reduce how much fruit could grow on that plant. Pruning increases the resources available to the remaining branches and the fruit produced is even bigger, juicier, more nutritious, and delicious.

We declutter our homes to simplify our living environment and spend less time tidying and organizing. It gives us more time to enjoy simply being home.

We declutter our minds by discovering the magic of not giving a f*ck, creating a f*ck budget, and sticking to it.

Have some fun with this. Love your life again.

Learn more by watching this video (It’s so worth it!!)

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