The Secret of Great Leaders

Every great leader has many followers.

The answer to the question of why a great leader has so many followers is: TRUST.

Plain and simple.

Trust is at the very foundation of Leadership.

The word ‘Trust’ comes from an ancient Norse word meaning ‘strong’.

The more Trust you have in a relationship, the stronger the relationship.

Trust is that degree to which you believe you are safe with a person. It’s that feeling of certainty that they’re looking out for you; that they’re reliable and their behaviour is predictable. You know what to expect with someone you trust.

So what’s the secret to how is Trust developed? How is it strengthened?

The fast answer: Congruency and Consistency.

Congruency is your ability to communicate the same message at every level of perception (both conscious and subconscious).

You gain Trust when you communicate the primary message of “I care for you and want you to be well” at every level.

Congruency is controlled by your INTENT.

The more genuine your desire to help a person be well, the more congruently this message (your Intent) is automatically communicated in your words, actions, and body language.

Now we add Consistency to the recipe.

The more consistently you demonstrate through your actions that you have another person’s best interests at heart, the more predictable your actions become to them and the more strongly they trust you. The stronger the bond between you, the stronger your influence over them.

Now these people are open to your suggestions because they believe that you have their best interests at heart – so they readily accept your guidance.

As you grow and strengthen trust in your relationships, these people will begin to follow you without question and, indirectly so will those people who implicitly trust them, and those who implicitly trust those who trust them and so on.

This is why there is such thing as a “tipping point”.

Nature only requires that a certain amount of key people commit to a new direction in order for the remaining majority of the population to shift direction in what seems like a heartbeat. When this happens, the social environment changes so completely that the world as we once knew it is never the same.

Trust makes this happen.

If you want to be a person who truly gains the heartfelt and lifelong trust of other people, it is highly important that you first know exactly what it is you believe in.

What’s important to you?
What do you stand for?
What do you stand against?
What needs to change in order for things to be better for everyone?

You must ensure that what is important to you is something that benefits all people.

Now you have a vision.

You must believe in creating win-win scenarios or no deal.

When what you want for yourself is, in principle, something that benefits everyone, then making it happen makes our world a better place.

Now you have yourself a mission.

Here you will move with a level of strength and confidence that other people will find difficult to ignore. The more wholly consistent you are in all your actions to bring about your benevolent vision, the more people will feel your presence and be inspired by it.

Your integrity of mind, mission, and consistent action will gain you trust quickly.

People who understand that you want “win-win or no deal” understand that you have everyone’s best interest at heart and you are not placing your own needs ahead of theirs.

All the best leaders in history were humble ambassadors for the mission of raising the quality of ALL people’s lives. Their greatness arose from the fact that they were first and foremost followers of their vision and servants to their mission.

If you are a leader, let this be your calling.



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