The Power You Are

In this article, we explore the simple power of your presence and its ability to change everything.


Have you ever thought deeply about the nature of power?

I have.

What I discovered is that, ultimately, power isn’t something you have – it’s what you are.

Let me show you:

Power is defined as the ability to create change.

To create change, one must have control over energy.

Energy is what moves things and, if nothing moves, nothing changes.

Energy = Change.

When you control energy, you can create change. You can make things different.


In science, it is accepted that all things are made of energy – this includes you.

You are a body of energy.

Wiggle your fingers. That takes energy.

Who controlled that energy?

You did.

You are a body of energy in control of itself.

Wiggle your fingers again. How did you do that?

You thought, “Wiggle, fingers!” and they did.

What you are, then, is the embodiment of the control over the energy that you are.

That’s a mouthful.

It simply means you are power itself.

If you are power, and power is the ability to create change, then this suggests that your presence changes things – and it does.

You don’t have to do or say anything to influence change in this world, you need only be here.

This is the power of your presence.


The Seat of Power

It’s interesting to ponder exactly what kind of impact your presence has upon the world and so let’s take a closer look. We’ll begin by seeking out the seat of power.

The ‘seat of power’ is an expression that represents the place from which power originates – where power starts from.

The seat of power resides in thought.

You see, change happens when something moves. If nothing moves, nothing changes.

Human beings move a lot. The face of the earth is far different now than it was a few hundred years ago due to all the changes that people have created.

What inspires a person to do what they do? Their thoughts and feelings.

What you pay attention to influences what you think about and what you think about influences how you feel. Your thoughts and feelings together lead to decisions which turn into action and these actions create change.

All human-created change begins from the way people think.

When you influence how people think, you change the future.

You don’t need to do or say anything to influence someone’s thoughts – you need only exist.


The Ripple Effect of Your Presence

Imagine now that your parents discover they are pregnant with you and look forward to your arrival in a few months. You are not out yet, but you are still present in your mother’s womb and in the mind’s and hearts of your parents.

Let’s say that one day after work your Dad stops by the local pub to have a beer with some of his friends. He announces rather loudly that he is expecting to have a new son or daughter and explains how, even though he wanted to wait a little longer before having this child (you), he realized that sometimes you’re never going to be fully ready and it’s good to just say “What the heck!” and jump in with both feet.

Meanwhile, two tables over from where your Dad was sitting, a gentleman drinking alone overheard your Dad’s words and felt these words take root in his mind and heart. He too, had been putting off having a child with his wife because he didn’t feel ready, despite his wife’s numerous attempts to change his mind. This man finishes his drink, lays his money on the table, and rushes home to inform his wife of his change of heart. She is thrilled! In 9 short months, they have their first child – all because you existed.

Now imagine that you are 4 years old playing ball with some kids in the front yard of a suburban home and the ball rolls out towards the street. You run out into the street after it without checking for traffic. A man in a car driving towards you slams on his brakes and manages to stop just in time to save your life. You pick up the ball, smile at the driver, and run back to your friends without giving the incident another thought.

Meanwhile, the man in the car catches his breath and waits a moment while his heartbeat slows a little before driving on. He is a wealthy philanthropist who went for a drive to think about what kind of legacy to leave behind – what might he do with his money to help make the world a better place?

Still slightly shaken by the incident, he begins to consider that children need safer places to play and that there aren’t enough playgrounds for children to have fun and play safely.

This man then decides to set up a foundation to build playgrounds for children all around the world. This act saves many children’s lives and allows them to grow up and have families themselves. In other words, there are many playgrounds around the world and many people who exist today that wouldn’t exist today if you didn’t exist.

They all exist because of your presence here.

You just being you makes a difference.

This is the power you are.

You are a living force of change and the world is what it is today, exactly as it is today because you exist.

You can never be powerless. You are power itself.

Your presence makes a difference.

Why not fall in love with the difference you make?


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