The ONE Thing You Must Know to Create a Happier New Year

In this article, you’ll discover the ONE thing that keeps unwanted parts of your life stuck in place and how to change them.


Do you ever wake up Monday morning and say “Ugh!! I have to go to work again…” ?

That might be a sign it’s time for a change.

Is there something about your life you wish would change?

Perhaps you want more money? more time? a better relationship? to lose weight?

What is “The THING” you wish was different in your life?

If you just gave yourself a serious answer, allow me to be your coach for a moment here and ask you to write it down. Right now…. not later. Write it down.

Now look at it.

What exactly is keeping you from changing this area of your life?

Again, if you actually just answered this question, write it down. Don’t mess around here.

Now look at what you just wrote down.

Is it true? Is this really holding you back? If so, do you believe you can change it?

I believe you can.

The Glue of Consistency

Here’s an insight I pray you’ll find useful:

Everything you have in your life is held in place by some consistent action.

Everything that exists in this world must consistently get some kind of “food” or “energy” to survive.

Think about it, if you have a house or apartment, you make consistent payments to keep it. If you have electricity in your home, you either have to pay consistently to have it or do something consistently to generate it yourself. Your relationships are held in place by your consistent interactions. Your weight is held in place by the amount and type of food you consistently eat and how consistently you exercise. Your income is held in place by the type of work you consistently do. I could go on…

So now let’s go back up to what you wrote down a moment ago. What about your life would you like to change?

Now ask yourself, “What am I doing consistently right now that’s keeping this thing (that I don’t want) in my life?”

Then ask, “What must I do differently – consistently – to have something better instead?”

This question of consistency is so powerful because it can reveal to you how badly you actually want something and how willing you are to commit to doing it.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll commit to the new consistent action.

Some Examples

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight.

‘Going on a diet’ is a temporary action – it isn’t sustained or consistent.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, you will need to consistently eat and move differently than you do now.

Another example could be that, say, you want more money. What are you doing consistently right now to earn your current income? …to keep it? …to invest it and make it work for you? What must you do consistently to earn, keep, and invest more money? How willing are you to do things differently? How badly do you want it?

A final example might be that you want a better relationship. What are you doing consistently right now to keep it in the state it’s in? What must you do consistently differently to improve it?

(If you are having trouble answering these, it’s okay to ask for help.)

The Moral of the Story

Everything you’re currently doing consistently is holding your quality of life in place.

Most everything you’re doing consistently has been automated into an unconscious habit so it’s not always easy to spot.

However, you can spot it if you decide to pay consistent attention.


What to do Next

Realize that YOU are the power you need to build any new habit.

Simply DECIDE to be consistent with a new behaviour whether you feel like it or not.

Your consistency will cause you to BELIEVE in yourself.

Your BELIEF inspires greater persistence.

As you persist, new pathways are literally being ‘wired’ into your brain and nervous system.

Once they’re in place, you’ll have a new automatic consistent behaviour (HABIT) that’ll hold your new desire in place … and your life will have changed. You will be happier.

You can do this!


Believe in yourself, be consistent and watch your world change.

In spite of today’s date, make the year ahead your best ever!



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