The ONE THING Behind All Your Success and Happiness

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was simple?

Actually, it is. We just ave a tendency to complicate things.

If I told you that the Success and Happiness you desire comes down to doing just ONE THING most of the time, what do you suppose that ONE THING would be?

Could fashioning a great life for yourself really come down to just ONE THING?

The simple answer is “YES”.



I stand at the crossroads of Science, Spirit, and Communication, and have a view of Life that encompasses a wider spectrum of reality than my physical eyes have access to.

This means that I look at Life from the perspective that all things are forms of energy and I watch the way these energy forms interact with each other at a very subtle level.

It is from this viewpoint that I invite you to come with me now on a journey into an unseen world that will lead us right to this ONE THING.


If so, please be sure to approach this experience with the same spirit of curiosity that you’d have if you were about to watch a good movie. Temporarily set aside the world you know, suspend your disbelief, and allow yourself to experience a new perspective for the sole purpose of finding out what Life looks like from this new vantage point.

Stay alert for any insights you gain, they are yours to keep.

Are you ready?

Okay, let’s go.



The Institute of Heartmath is a scientific research facility in California that has invested the last 20+ years studying the interactions between the Human Heart and Brain. What they’ve found is that your Heart generates and modulates an electromagnetic (EM) field all around your body that is about 5000 times more powerful than the EM field produced by your brain. It has a currently measurable radius of about 12 feet all around you and is estimated that it may even extend outward for a few miles.

If you could see your EM field, it would look like you were standing inside a huge doughnut. This doughnut is actually part of your body. It’s just that you can’t see it with your eyes.

EM Field of the Heart

The implications of this realization – that your body extends far beyond what you can see – are huge… I could talk about this for hours! But alas, I must contain my excitement here and only focus on one thing. So let’s continue…

Everything is Moving

Nothing in Life is truly static, everything is constantly in motion.

This means that your doughnut-shaped EM field is always in motion. It moves out your head in all directions, circling around, collecting information, coming back in through your feet, into your heart, and out through your head again – or the other way around. Either way all these cyclic motions converge at your heart. This is where everything comes together.

Your Heart is a Brain

Your heart is highly intelligent. It has an amazing amount of neural tissue that gives it information-processing capabilities that in some ways rival that of the brain.

Your heart processes the information collected from its EM field, sends it to the brain, receives new information from the brain, and encodes it back into its EM field.

The Heartmath Institute has discovered that the Heart encodes its EM field with emotional information.

E-motions and Feelings

E-motions are the different motion patterns of energy that flow through your body. (E-motion= energy in motion)

You experience e-motions as feelings.

Your feelings are the internal sensations that in many ways reflect what’s going on in your EM field.

Your Feelings let you know where you’re at – like a compass.



If you were flying a plane in the clouds with no way to see out, what would you focus on most of the time in order to successfully reach your destination?

You would focus on the instruments and gauges of your Dashboard, wouldn’t you?



If you don’t know how to get more of what you want in life, it’s like you are ‘flying in the fog’ and can’t see your way clear.

This is why you have a dashboard.

People who know how to get what they want in life, know how to find their way in spite of outside conditions.

They know how to use their dashboard.



When you actually Pay Attention to your Feelings, you are “looking at” your ‘Dashboard’.

And with that, we have arrived at the ONE THING.

Your dashboard happens to be the ONE THING you need to focus on most.

Unfortunately, most of us have not been taught to read this dashboard effectively.

In fact, many of us have actually been taught to ignore it. Can you believe that?

Ignoring your dashboard keeps you lost, confused, and under other people’s control!

That’s not cool.

So what do you say we take a step toward greater clarity and power and begin with a simple gauge-reading lesson.



Happiness, Health, and Wealth are all ways of being.

A way of being is the way you run your energy – It’s an energy pattern – an energy field.

If you can’t see the energy fields you are immersed in, it’s hard to find your way clear to the energy fields you want to be immersed in – like ‘Wealth’ and ‘Happiness’.

Your Feelings reflect the energy fields you are immersed in. This is your dashboard.

Your dashboard has two gauges.


Gauge #1 : Emotional Moods.

Your Emotional Moods gauge displays all the main motions of energy you are familiar with like Happiness, Depression, Anger, Excitement, Love, and so on.

Emotional Moods govern your way of doing things. What you notice, how you think, and the way you make decisions are different in each mood. For example, what you notice when you’re angry is different than what you pay attention to when you are Happy. This affects how you make decisions. Moods (States of Being), therefore, have the LARGEST effect over how your life unfolds and over the quality of your life.

The more you pay attention this gauge (your emotional moods), the more empowered you’ll be to redirect yourself into a more desirable state of being in order to guide your perception, make better decisions and create better results in your life.


Gauge #2: Intuition.

Intuitions are all the other feelings you get that don’t fit the category above. For example, you might have the feeling that someone is staring at you, or you might have a feeling about someone you just met not being trustworthy, or you might have a feeling about who’s calling your phone before you answer it, and so on.

This gauge displays information brought into your body through your EM field from outside your body. This is why if you walk into a silent room where two people have just had an argument, you can feel “the tension in the air”.

The better you get at reading this gauge, the more Life reveals its mysteries.

I’ll devote a future article to this gauge of Intuition.


YOUR MISSION – Should You Choose to Accept It.


Pay attention to how you are Feeling most of the time and steer yourself towards positive e-motions.

The basic principle here is that Good Moods produce Good Results and Bad Moods produce Bad Results.

Remember that your moods control your attitude. They control what you notice, how you think, and the way you make decisions – the very things that create your future.

Your e-motional moods shape your upcoming situations.

If you let your situation shape your mood, you give up your power.


Don’t let your situations rule your Moods and your Moods will rule your situations.

This is the ONE THING you must pay attention to most of the time in order to shape your life into what you want. 



For techniques on how to cultivate a state of Happiness, please read this article called How to BE Happy.

For a great book on the many advantages of being in a positive state, check out this one on Happiness.

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