How to Use Your Energy: Insights from Dr. Bruce Lipton


One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that things can only ever happen or come into being when the conditions are right.

In other words, if the environment is in place to support the existence of something, that ‘something’ can come into being.

On the other hand, if the environment is not in place to support something, that ‘something’ can either no longer exist (if it exists) or it cannot even come into being in the first place.

This is incredibly important to know if you are looking to create any change in your life.


We are living in an incredible time in history right now. The environment is changing. We are in the midst of what many biologists are calling the Earth’s 6th mass extinction. More and more life forms are going extinct every day. NASA has information showing that ALL the planets in our solar system are heating up – not just earth. (I wonder how many cars there are being driven on Saturn? …perhaps global warming isn’t the sole result of human activity after all.) If global warming is occurring on every planet in our solar system, it means our solar system -the environment that Earth resides in- is changing. And so Earth is changing.

When the environment changes, living creatures affected by the change have 2 choices, evolve or die.

If human-beings intend to survive, then we must consciously evolve together.


When it comes to undergoing change as a group, your individual contribution makes a huge difference. There is sufficient scientific evidence to show that your presence directly affects up to 1000 people or more. Indirectly, you affect everyone. It is critical for us that during this time of change we invest our energy wisely. We have the opportunity to make the most of our potential and evolve together as a society (and species) in a way that enables us not only to survive …but thrive.


Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist whose discoveries in the field of genetics have changed his life -and our lives- forever. He conclusively discovered that genes do not control life – an idea which was being taught in schools all over the world. Rather, his experiments showed that genes respond to life. In other words, genes don’t call the shots over what happens in your body – genes take direction from the information they receive about what is happening in the ENVIRONMENT.

He shares his story and his findings in a wonderful book called The Biology of Belief.

In the video below, Dr. Lipton shares his analogy about how energy is like money and how you and I might consider investing our energy in this time of great change.

I hope you enjoy it and find it insightful as I did.

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