How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection




If you’ve ever experienced rejection, you’ll know how painful it can be emotionally. Once we experience that pain, we do NOT want to experience it again. In fact, your brain will see to it that you avoid situations that possess the possibility of you being rejected. The brain is wired to avoid pain.

However, YOU can re-program and “re-wire” your brain to respond differently to these situations so that you are not afraid of rejection. If you do, you will discover that so much more Life and Opportunity is available to you just for the asking!

One of my favourite books is called Rejection Proof by Jia Jang. Jia Jang is also one of my favourite Ted Talk Speakers. His story is beyond inspiring, it strengthens one’s ability to face this all-too-powerful fear.

WATCH THIS video. You will love it!

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