Happiness: How to BE Happy

Good ol' Buddah.

Nothing like a brain twister to get you thinking about Happiness.

Are you as Happy as you want to be? ....as often as you want to be?

Can you control how happy you are... or is it something that just happens to you?


In this article, I am going to explain the mechanics of creating more Happiness on Demand.

With practice, you may come to discover that by refusing to let your situations shape your Happiness, your Happiness will shape your situations.


The Happier you are, the stronger your immune system – the healthier you are.

The Happier you are, the more enthusiastic you are – you do better work – you make more money.

The Happier you are, the more people enjoy your company – the more friends you have – the more love you get.

The Happier you are, the higher your self-esteem – the more fun you have – the more life is worth living.

Happiness is the currency of Life.


You may claim your right to pursue Happiness but, if you really want lasting Happiness, you cannot pursue it. Happiness cannot be caught.

It’s also really unfortunate if you go out looking for things to “make” you happy because you will not find them. There is nothing outside of you that can "make" you happy.

Here’s why:

Happiness is a way of being. That means it’s a process.

A process is a series of actions that you either engage in or you don’t.

If you want to be Happy, you must engage in the process of Happiness.

The real trick here is in discovering the precise series of actions to engage in.

Once you do, it’s simply a matter of choice.



Think of a time when you felt really Happy.

What was happening? Where were you? What was it about that time that “made” you Happy?

For me, I remember being a kid at Disneyland. “Wow!”, I thought, “I’m in Disneyland! I’m really here!” I looked around at all the magical characters that had come to life, the colourful rides, the music, the people’s smiles.... there was no place else I’d rather be than right there in that moment. I was Happy.


There it is! It’s the identifying element of Happiness:

When you are Happy, there is no place you’d rather be than right where you are.

Happiness is the Contentment you feel when you say, "I'm happy with my life".

Happiness is also the Love (Appreciation) you feel when you say, "I'm so happy to be home!"



Happiness is the Contentment you feel when you are Loving what you have right now.

True Happiness then, is the combination of Contentment and Love (Appreciation).

By consistently engaging in the process of 'Loving (Appreciating) what you have', you become Happy.

But don't take my word for it. Test it for yourself. Love what you have and see how it feels.



Pursuing Happiness is like chasing the wind with a butterfly net.

You cannot catch a process so 'pursuing' it is crazy.



In Western culture, a good example of pursuing happiness the act of “shopping” to “make” yourself happy.

People who “shop” for happiness go to a mall and look for something they think would be nice to have. They find it! Yay! They buy it. And now they’re Happy. Really? ...for how long?

Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening here.

You experience Happiness when you engage in the process of loving (appreciating) what you have right now. 

When people who pursue Happiness buy something new for themselves, they think their Happiness comes from having the item they just bought.

It doesn’t.

This is where people are fooling themselves.

They’ll take the item home and, before long, the novelty of having it wears off and they once again find themselves unhappy.

Having it made no real lasting difference, so they decide to go shopping again for a better item that will “make” them happy.

This cycle continues indefinitely as their houses fill with junk.

What people don’t realize here is that having the item is not what brought them their moment of happiness.

Getting the item was.

They were happy to get the item because they (falsely) believed that having it would make them Happy.

They were wrong. The novelty of Having wore off and the desire for Getting kicked in again.

Instead of producing true lasting Happiness, appreciating getting something produces an addiction to the endless pursuit of Happiness.

You can be Happy every day only by engaging in the process of loving (appreciating) what you have every day and it need not be material items. It can be valuable non-material things like relationships.


Being Happy doesn’t mean you don’t purchase new things once in a while.

It doesn’t mean you stop desiring new things or a nicer lifestyle.

It means you don’t desire these things to “make” you Happy.

You desire these things because it’s exciting to grow and change.



While Happiness is an appreciation of the present moment, your thoughts can often jump to the future.

If you anticipate something bad coming your way, you move from Happiness into the process of Worry and/or Stress and/or Fear.

Engaging in the mental HABIT of anticipating the worst is often called Pessimism (which scientific studies have shown to reduce Happiness, Health, and Life-span).

If you have this HABIT, it's time to break it by replacing it with a new one.

I invite you to create the new HABIT of focusing upon what you are looking forward to.

"Looking forward" to something is the expression we use when we anticipate something good coming our way.

Engaging in this mental HABIT is often called Optimism (which scientific studies have shown to increase Happiness, Health, Success, and Life-span).

If you don't have something you are looking forward to, then create something. Plan a vacation. Book a nice dinner out. Plan to host a get-together with friends. Create events and situations that you know you will love and put them on your calendar as an upcoming event you are looking forward to. Do this CONSISTENTLY and you will cultivate more Happiness into your life.

Giving yourself something to look forward to is an essential component of Happiness.



1 - When you feel unhappy, Realize you are engaged in the process of focusing on what you don't have.

2 - Remember that "being" Happy is a choice.

3 - Make the decision to BE Happy. Set your Intention to engage in the process of Happiness.

4 - Begin the process of Appreciating what you have. You do this by comparing what’s great about having what you have with the thought of how much worse off your life would be without it.

(For example, when I'm really tired, I love my bed. Sure, it can use a new mattress but in the meantime I still love it. Why? Because it keeps me from sleeping on the hard floor. If I didn’t have it, my body would hurt a lot more than it does. I would not be as well rested as I am. Without the sleep, my immune system would be taxed. I would get sick more often. I would not do as well at work. My relationships would suffer. I genuinely love and appreciate my bed because it helps me live a better life.)

5- Keep going. Consistently find more and more things that you appreciate and love about what you have right now knowing how much worse life would be without them. Continue loving (appreciating) what you have until you feel yourself becoming happier. Smile.

6 - Ask yourself, "What am I looking forward to?". Find at least ONE thing and focus on it. If you have trouble finding something, then create something. Decide to do something that you know you'll enjoy and mark it down in your calendar. Keep creating more and more things to look forward to and focus on them when you think of the future.

7 - Make this process a HABIT. Keep doing this until it's automatic and you'll BE a 'Happy Person'.



Happiness is a process that YOU can choose to engage in consistently and cultivate more of into your life. YOU have control over this. Yes, it's that simple, it just may not always be that easy. Stick with it, I promise it'll pay off.

Choose Happy. 🙂


© 2012 Trent Janisch - ThePowerYouAre.com



Here is a really great book on the positive effects of Happiness. It can change your life if you let it.


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