Feeling Stuck? Here’s Your Escape Plan

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

How do you get yourself out?

The short answer:  Ask better questions.

Allow me to explain.

When you’re “stuck”, you’re getting the same unwanted results over and over again and you don’t know what to do differently.

This is the effect of an unconscious habit in how you perceive things.

When you’re stuck, you have a habit of interpreting a situation in the same way over and over again so you automatically make the same decisions, take the same actions, and get the same results.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Your angle of perception determines, in large part, how you interpret a situation.

QUESTIONS have the power to redirect your perception and help you make new interpretations.

New Interpretations change the meaning of what you’re looking at.

This is very powerful.

Let’s put this into context:

Say you’ve tried losing weight before but you repeatedly fall off the wagon and can’t stick to any diet or lifestyle change. You feel stuck.

Here’s a perception habit pattern that you might likely have succumbed to:

1 – You start to really notice all the food that you told yourself you “can’t eat”
2 – At an emotional level, this is interpreted as a sense of loss because that food was always good at comforting you when you were upset.
3 – The sense of loss is experienced as a background emotion of sorrow and sadness.
4 – Built into the emotion of Sadness is the expectation that something is missing
5 – When you feel sad, you automatically focus on all the things that you don’t have anymore.
6 – You feel worse.The cycle repeats – gaining strength and momentum with each repetition.

To add insult to injury, your feeling of sadness requires comfort. The best way you know to comfort yourself and feel better is to eat those foods you “can’t have”.

This creates an inner conflict.

The conflict leads to a feeling of anger where you tell yourself, “That’s enough! I’ve had it with this bad feeling. I know how I can feel better right now and I am going to do something about it!

There goes the chocolate cake.

Now you feel guilty because you broke a promise to yourself. You promised you’d lose weight but since you broke that promise, you can’t be trusted. When you don’t trust yourself, you lose self-confidence and gain self-doubt. In a state of self-doubt, your brain questions your value. Now, you lose self-esteem.

Lower self-esteem is a loss that causes more sadness and depression and more eating.

There goes another chocolate cake.

The cycle continues as a downward spiral into obesity – at least until the pattern is interrupted.

When you wake up to the fact that this is an unconscious perception cycle, you can interrupt it with a conscious perception cycle by asking yourself new questions to send your brain in search of healthier information to process and create new expectations from.

‘Excitement’ anticipates how things are about to get better and it looks forward to them.

‘Excitement’ asks different questions than ‘Sadness’ does. It asks questions like:

“In what ways am I feeling better from consistent exercise?”
“In what ways can healthy food be prepared to actually taste delicious?”
“In what ways am I feeling better about my health every day?”
“In what ways is increasing my fitness level improving my relationships?”
“In what ways are people supporting me in moving toward my healthier lifestyle?”
“In what ways am I emotionally comforting myself without eating sweet fatty foods?”
“In what healthy ways am I effectively reducing my stress?”

People who succeed in losing weight and keeping it off or quit smoking and stay quit have found new meaning in being healthier. They have changed their point of view and their perception. They don’t see eating, exercise, fresh air, or smoking the same way anymore. They have created a new habit of consistently asking better questions and creating healthier expectations.

They have created a new cycle of perception.

If you want to move to a better place in your life, ask yourself what this new situation looks like and how it’s so much better than where you’re at now. Know that other people have done it, so can you. See it in your mind. Feel it. Take new action. Interrupt those old unconscious patterns with new conscious ones by asking better questions. Ask questions which seek to affirm that you are moving in the right direction. Stay in motion. Change your environment in ways that support your change and find people to help and support you.

You can do it right now!

If you like the idea of getting extra help and support in making positive changes, please feel free to contact me anytime by CLICKING HERE. I’m happy to help.

Thank you for reading this article to the end. 🙂

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