Daily Habits of Happiness

Happiness is the way of being where you love what you have, have what you love, and look forward to what’s next – anticipating more ‘good’ things to come because you’ve planned them into your schedule.

So, let’s begin there.

When you have something you’re looking forward to every week on your schedule, you feel good about and appreciate the future. Happy people will often have things planned on their calendar for the coming week(s) that bring them joy and/or fulfillment.

One thing I’ve done recently is tested out the Physiological approach to Happiness by looking up, smiling, and taking three deep breaths into the belly while I’m looking up and smiling. It worked for me. I began to feel better and my perception began to change.

Waking up in the morning and asking yourself what you are looking forward to creating today, what you are building toward, and who you are becoming is really effective for beginning the new day with focus towards progress.

There is an old quote I read somewhere that said, “We are happiest when we are achieving,” and there are studies that show a direct link between Happiness and Progress. When we can see ourselves successfully moving towards a goal – in the process of achieving it – we enter into and sustain the state of Happiness. We all share the need for Autonomy – the need to know we have the ability to shape our own futures. The more we believe we can create a future we desire, the Happier we are.

So, setting goals is an important factor in Happiness. It’s important for you to think about what you want to build towards and what you can do today to help you move closer to it.

What is even stronger is the WHY.

When you have a strong reason for WHY you want your goal, you will find yourself more committed and more Happy when you make progress towards it.

The WHY is important because it focuses upon the “ripple effect” of your goal, its impact upon others, and where it will lead.

For example, let’s say I want to plan a family trip to Europe. Why? Well, because I know we will be creating memories that would be second to none and fun to look back upon. Secondly, I’d be giving myself new experiences and forcing myself to grow in new ways. I’d be in the process of becoming new in that I’d be exposing myself to new cultures and  new points-of-view that would cause me to contemplate new things and get me thinking of things I’d never thought of before. Those thoughts may lead to ideas that could increase my income and provide even more opportunities for me and my family to enjoy. I could meet new people and make new friends that would open up doors to the world that wouldn’t have otherwise been opened. It would also be a confidence-building process whereby my success in arranging, planning, financing, and following through on the plan would make me stronger in my belief in my own ability to achieve. My self-image would be stronger and I will have become wiser and grown spiritually as well.

Having a long-term vision for my life and seeing how each day fits into that long-term picture helps with my Happiness because it provides a framework for sustained Happiness.

Acceptance of the fact that things don’t last helps provide the contrast to appreciate this moment and stay present with it. Knowing that I won’t always look this way, that my loved ones will slowly pass into new ways of being, and someday I will leave this Earth and onto newer adventures, gives me the perspective that allows me to seize the day and not waste any time; to appreciate this moment as an Opportunity; to allow myself to remain focused upon how this moment is contributing to who I am becoming next.

So, as far as the Habits of Happiness are concerned, the Habits begin with a framework in which they can be easily sustained.

This Happiness Framework includes such things as:

Balanced Long-Term and Short-Term thinking with regard to goals:
“Where am I headed? What’s my next step?”

Knowing what is really important to you in Life and why.

Having a set of non-negotiable principles by which you make decisions.

Acknowledging that you are making daily progress towards your goal.

Looking up and smiling and breathing deeply.

Loving what you have. Seeking out things you find lovely and worth loving.

Contrasting Appreciation to intensify it by asking, “What would life be like if I didn’t have this (person, place, thing) in my life anymore? For example – Hot water. How much would you like taking a shower if you didn’t have any hot water?

Knowing about and having balance in the fulfillment of different needs so that all the needs are being met and there is a sense of overall satisfaction.

Big Picture Thinking – Spiritual View of Life. It’s important to know that there is a Higher order of Balance that you belong to and that your value to Life is self-evident by your very existence.

Focusing on “I can” and finding ways to become a person who can achieve more and different goals.

Accepting things as they are in this moment so that you have an accurate view of ‘what is’ and begin to change what you don’t like. If you denied that things are in an undesirable state, you would just be denying yourself the ability to see clearly while simultaneously avoiding and abandoning your power to create change.

What kind of things do you find yourself paying attention to on a consistent basis and how does focusing upon this make you feel? If you don’t feel vibrantly satisfied and alive, then your current focus is disempowering.

Actively seek out the ways in which you are making progress and currently appreciating what you already have that contributes to the quality of your life. Be grateful for this moment.

Happiness is a skill.

Happiness is a choice.

If you truly want to be Happy, decide to be Happy every day, make it a practice and, before long, it’ll become effortless – a wonderful habit you’ll enjoy for life.


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