Countdown: TOP 8 Brain Exercises – #1

This is it! The final article in an 8-part series that is counting down the Top 8 Brain Exercises you can easily do every day for boosting your brain health and overall well-being.


The information shared in this series is inspired from the book How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist by Andrew Newberg M.D. & Mark Robert Waldman.

This #1 best exercise for your brain health and overall well-being is one I didn’t predict.

What’s your guess?

Here we go…

Top Brain Exercise #1 : FAITH (in positive outcomes)

The kind of Faith we’re talking about here is the act of trusting your beliefs to provide hope for a positive future at a time when there is little or no proof that those beliefs are even accurate or true.

Even though the religions of the world promote the idea of believing in something you can’t see, i.e. faith in God(s), faith itself is not bound by religion.  It doesn't really matter what you believe in as long as it provides you with hope.

Faith is the fuel of optimism which, according to the National Institute of Health is essential for maintaining motivation and good mental health. It is often said that optimism is the #1 indicator of mental health and well-being. It seems the findings in neuroscience are now backing this up.



This (faith-induced) optimism is also responsible for:

* controlling anxiety

* controlling depression and rage

* fostering social awareness and compassion

* reducing stress

* boosting the immune system

* reducing the risk of coronary artery disease

* easing breathing with respiratory problems 

* improving your coping skills and resilience during hardships


Seek out positive outcomes every day.

Imagine that what you want is possible. Imagine yourself having the outcome you desire and trust that, even though you can’t yet see how it all might happen, you don’t have to in order for it to be possible.

Allow yourself to feel what it would be like if you were experiencing your desired outcome right now. The sensation you'll feel is the inner experience of this possibility - the biochemistry of which is beneficial to your health.

Just vividly imagining your positive desired outcomes and feeling them is the act of creating this beneficial biochemistry.

Choose to believe in a positive future and trust your beliefs.

This is the Faith that will not only benefit the health of your brain, but your entire life!


There you have it!

The top 8 Exercises for your brain health and overall well-being.

In case you missed the other 7, here they are: #2  -  #3  -  #4 - #5  - #6  - #7  - #8


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