AND is Better

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”  – Charles Darwin

The difference between the word ‘OR’ and the word ‘AND’ is that ‘OR’ divides and demands an exclusive choice while ‘AND’ is inclusive and joins things together into one coherent whole.

In our society, we have evolved our mindsets to a point where the time of living in the Land of OR is no longer possible if we want to survive. This land is now barren and its future bleak.

People who live in the Land of OR either have a ‘service-to-self-first’ mindset or a ‘service-to-others-in-spite-of-self’ mindset.

The ‘service-to-self-first’ mindset is one where you seek to benefit yourself first before other people. With this mindset, whether the other person benefits or not is secondary and of little consequence to you. This way of thinking creates a lot of “win-lose” scenarios.

The ‘service-to-self-first’ mindset is very primal, survival-based, fear-based, stressful, reactionary, and short-sighted. It is like you being a gardener who doesn’t care if the plants you eat are getting what they need to thrive, as long as you get something to eat is all that really matters to you. It’s plain to see that this way of thinking ensures that there will eventually be no food left for you. In the end, you die unhappy.

The ‘service-to-others-in-spite-of-self’ mindset creates a ‘lose-win’ situations. With this mindset, you serve others and add to their well-being at a cost to yourself. In order for you to give to others, you must sacrifice your well-being. This mindset (just like the ‘service-to-self-first’ mindset) is ‘OR-based’ and therefore unhealthy, unbalanced, and unsustainable to the very environment of which you are an essential part. This mindset does not allow you to recognize the value of your role in the larger system and here again, you die unhappy.

This is life in the Land of OR.

Masters and Slaves. Divide and Conquer. Kill or be killed. Hell.

In our current society, there is a struggle between the people living in the Land of OR and those living in the Land of AND.

We have reached a tipping point where we see the mindset of OR running many of our biggest Corporations whose primary focus is upon the monetary growth of the business itself FIRST above all. These corporations grow at the expense of those around them without ever realizing that those around them have less and less to give. These corporations grow and eat so much that they starve themselves. They need to be bailed out and fed by those who were tending properly to their gardens – those from the Land of AND.

When corporations with the ‘OR mindset’ get too big, they can no longer survive ethically and quite naturally seek to change the rules of the game in order to survive. They have the money to lobby the government and infect politicians with the same ‘OR mindset’ causing them to change the laws from AND to OR. So now the corporations are “legally” committing acts that were once illegal and continue to take more and more away from the very hands that feed them.

The ‘OR mindset’ is ultimately self-destructive. It can only survive for the short period of time in which the land it inhabits has more natural resources than can be currently consumed.

This ‘OR mindset’ has infected many of the people who run the world of business at the highest level. With this mindset, they will do anything to preserve their way of being. Their next ‘so-called’ logical step would be to reduce the world’s population in order to reduce demand upon natural resources. But this is not the answer. This is how the people of OR think and it doesn’t work. If we allow this type of thinking to continue, our self-destruction is imminent.

People who live in the Land of OR say that life is a “me versus you” scenario; a dog-eat-dog world. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it won’t be much longer.

There is a migration occurring right now from the Land of OR to the Land of AND.

Mindsets are moving.

People in the Land of AND have a ‘service-to-others-first’ mindset.

The ‘service-to-others-first’ mindset is a mindset that seeks to benefit another before benefiting oneself but not in spite of oneself. Using the word “first” here in this description implies that you also have the intention of serving yourself, just that you seek to do so through service to others. Here, you create ‘win-win’ situations. With this mindset, you are like a gardener who knows that, by first giving your garden what it needs, you are giving yourself what you need.

You recognize yourself as part of a larger system where you are as valuable to the system as every other component.

Moving to the Land of AND is moving us away from competition-based relationships that divide people and toward cooperation-based relationships that unite people.

Like the fibers that make up a rope, we gain strength when we align ourselves together in a common direction.

Let that common direction be ‘win-win’ thinking.

It’s great for business. It’s great for families.

In transcending OR, we move into ‘AND’.

This is Nature at work. It is Humanity’s natural next step.

‘AND’ is the movement toward a greater level of maturity among human-beings. As a society, there are more and more people shifting their focus from mere independence to Interdependence.

Interdependence is the understanding that your independence, your freedom, relies upon others. The healthier and happier others are because of you, the more they want you to have what you want. This is a mindset that seeks freedom through service and understands that service-to-others-first IS service to self.

Interdependence might be better thought of as “Inter-independence” where your freedom comes as a result of giving others their freedom. It is mutual freedom. It is the mindset that says, “I allow you to be as you are and seek to support you in your well-being. In doing this, I remove your need to steal from me or harm me while increasing your desire to share and contribute to the well-being of myself and others.”

This is friendship.

Life on earth is no longer about you OR me. We are evolving into the world of you AND me.

It’s about US.

‘AND’ is better.


Are you coming?


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