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"This Book Helped Save Their Marriage!"

I'd just recently received, as a gift from Trent, a signed first edition copy of his book 3 Steps to Better Relationships and brought it back to my office, placing it on my desk with the intention of reading it in the near future. A short while later, a married couple came in to see me for counseling and, knowing they just needed to communicate in a new way, I gave them a short assignment and asked them to begin doing so while I gave them some privacy. I left the room and when I returned, found this couple sitting closer together than they had in 20 years...reading Trent's book! I hadn't given them the book to read, it was just sitting on my desk and they picked it up on their own. At the end of our session, they were feeling much better, and asked to borrow the book. I lent it to them. They've since returned it to me sharing that it had changed the way they viewed their relationship for the better, and they are once again communicating together. This book helped save their marriage!


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I just love this book! I've read it a number of times. I find regular occasion to apply and share the timeless principles in 3 Steps to Better Relationships whether it be in my family law practice or teaching an adult class in my Church.


"A Great Book on Relationships!"

One of the best books I've read in a long time - A great book on relationships.

Henry Garman  - 5 Star Review