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This international Amazon bestseller has already helped many people in a variety of countries to improve business partnerships, friendships, and even save marriages. If you are short on time and drowning in information, this book is for you! It can easily be read and put into practice in less than an hour.

This book answers the question, "If there was just ONE thing I could do that would improve all my relationships, what would that be?" and then shares HOW to do that one thing in 3 simple steps.

Without this ONE thing, relationships fall apart.

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Want to feel automatically calm and peaceful more often while enjoying better health?

Begin 'Resonant Breathing' today.

'Resonant breathing' is a slow abdominal breathing process (3-7 breaths/minute) that creates a highly resonant (efficient communication) effect between rhythmic (oscillating) systems in your body.

Research has demonstrated that if you were to engage in resonant breathing for 10 minutes/day every day for 8 weeks, you would literally retrain (reprogram) your autonomic nervous system for increased Heart Rate Variability - a measure of good health. The benefits are many: reduced blood pressure, lowered anxiety and depression, improvement in asthma, COPD, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, and more.

Interested? I'll help you start right now. It's FREE!

I've made a video below that makes this breathing exercise very simple for you.

Just click 'play' and follow along:


I WANT MORE ______.

What keeps you from breaking through to a better life situation? Find out. ThePowerYouAre Personal Achievement Coaching guides you to uncover these hidden patterns within you and transcend them so you can create the kind of lifestyle; relationship; career you desire next. Contact me to spark your next breakthrough...

Imagine how you'd love your life to be next...

Now, let's make it happen.


What are the benefits of having a coach? +

The old saying, "It's hard to see the picture when you're inside the frame" says it all.

A good coach has a trained eye, the ability to observe your performance from a wider perspective, and will guide you to create better results.

As you begin your coaching with me, you begin achieving better results and in far less time than you would on your own.

What do I look for in a good coach? +

Ultimately, RESULTS.

Initially, though, it's very important that you have a good rapport with your coach and genuinely trust them. You want to feel like your coach is in your corner, cares about you, and always has your best interests at heart.

It is also important that you believe your coach is knowledgeable and confident in their ability to help you get to where you want to go. Be sure to ask for a couple of references and connect with people they have coached before.

That being said, your results still depend 100% upon your effort and willingness to apply what you learn. Change is in your hands.

When you choose to coach with me, you begin with a free initial consultation to see if you qualify and if there's a fit between us. If there is, you will also enjoy a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee to free your mind from any initial uncertainty about our coaching experience.

How can your coaching help me in my profession? +

Every profession is a position within the world of business.

The one thing all positions have in common is, they are filled by human beings.

Human beings operate with thoughts and feelings.

As you begin your coaching with me, you begin to master the art of managing your thoughts and feelings in a way that enhances your ability to relax, focus, prioritize, connect, relate, communicate, influence, and ultimately increase your overall confidence and personal effectiveness with everything you do.

The end result: you enjoy being more relaxed, more productive, happier, healthier, more abundant, and you have far more fun as your core relationships continue to improve.

The better you get, the better life gets.

How can your coaching help me in my relationship(s)? +

Relationships are the connections through which our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours effect change in one another.

As you engage in your coaching process with me, you grow your ability to connect with, relate to, listen to, understand, empathize, and positively influence the people in your life in a way that adds to your mutual well-being. You'll understand and apply the key psychological components and behaviours of healthy relationships so you can begin creating for yourself a world you love.

Where and how do you deliver your coaching? +

I coach Internationally with qualified clients who are fluent in English using a video conferencing format over the Internet. I have enjoyed coaching clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Is coaching expensive? +

Imagine that you are a ship sailing on a particular course and you re-adjust your heading by only a couple of degrees. Even with that small adjustment, where you end up over time is vastly different. 

Personal development coaching adjusts the course of your life and vastly changes your future.

Coaching is an investment in yourself that pays you dividends for a lifetime. You gain invaluable wisdom and skills to continuously build an ever-brighter future - a future much brighter than the one you were headed towards before your decision to invest in coaching. 

How much is that brighter future worth to you?

Coaching is only expensive if the future you are creating isn't worth the money you're investing.

For specific pricing information, please contact me for your free consultation.



Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"My life feels easier now, I’m definitely way more relaxed and healthy. I’m far more patient and understanding across the board. I have clearer boundaries between work and home and the quality of my time with family has improved - we’re all happier in general and our relationships are better. My kids seem more relaxed and happy now too life at home is really nice."


Husband, Father, Entrepreneur

"My wife and I would definitely not be sitting where we are today if it wasn’t for Trent’s coaching. He’s become a verb in our house! When one of us says something that Trent would say, the other will say, 'Are you Trenting me?'- it’s hilarious! What he’s shared with us is going to continue to grow in our lives and make us a better couple and a better family."


Corporate Manager, Mother

"My life is so much better now. I have a new perspective on everyday living. I speak, listen and communicate better. My interactions and relationships are so much more relaxed and easy-going and I find I’m more productive at work. Thank you, Trent. This has definitely changed my life in so many good ways!"


Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"Of all the benefits of Trent’s coaching, I’d start by saying that my relationships are so much better… all of them - with my husband, my family, my friends, and even myself. Effective communication and listening skills are two major things that I have now and will continue to develop."


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